Saturday, June 9, 2012

How Programs for Troubled Youth Avoid Bullying

Does your child go home from school annoyed, aloof, and, sometimes, with bruises? Do your neighbors complain about your kid being aggressive, impulsive, and dominating? If you constantly experience these scenarios, you are most likely a parent who has to deal with your child's bullying. Some may not consider bullying serious compared to other incidents of violence, but its effect can mark the victim and perpetrator until their adulthood. Apart from incidents in the classroom and community setting, cyber-bullying can also occur as more children now have access to the Internet.

Consequences of Bullying

Besides the physical injury and damage, bullying victims endure and develop health problems like sleeping difficulties and psychological issues. With depression, low self-esteem, and fear, victims of bullying can also have problems with problems in school especially if they don't receive enough attention from teachers or parents. Bullying can also cause economic costs on law enforcement agencies, healthcare providers, and social service organizations.

Prevalence of Bullycide Cases

There are reports of victims of bullying who commit suicide after being bullied for a long time through different forms; this is called bullycide. Bullycide can also refer to a victim's death as perpetrated by a bully. Since the first bullycide case in 1967, thousands of victims have already passed away due to bullying. Aside from the victim's loved ones' who have grieved from their loss, the world could have benefited from those victims. One bullycide victim could have been the one to discover a cure for cancer, suggest a feasible solution to minimize global warming, or even develop a new financial system to address widespread poverty and suffering.

Comprehensive Approach to Education

To tackle the issue, authorities from the government and education sectors have issued laws, directives, and teen programs to protect the nation's youth. Such comprehensive approaches to education accentuate the role of teachers, parents, and community leaders in helping teens cope with their social lives. As authority figures, parents have the obligation to look out for telltale signs of bullying, and to act to protect your child.

Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth

Enrolling your children in an school that offers unique programs for teenagers can be a good way to prevent the harsh effects of bullying. Such schools developed their own curriculums and classroom settings that provide a safe environment for your child's growth and emotional development. They also have dormitories where your child can stay during the school year


  1. This special education must be extensive to the point for every single pupil to change into a better person intrinsically and spiritually. Bullyicide is a pandemic that should be stopped. We must stand for those who are oppressed. We never know when someone needs us to be their hero.

    Carolin Newmeyer

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  3. I think the main point they make for troubled youth is that most of our problems stem from concentration on our ego and if we learn to see that, we can hopefully move on to a better life.